Asbestos Mornington Peninsula – Is It Dangerous?

asbestos mornington peninsula

When you hear the term asbestos, you probably think of those hard hats you see on construction sites. It may conjure up pictures of a smoldering pile of fallen asbestos in your neighborhood or of a giant safe to store this hazardous material in your basement. However, if you live in Oakley Glass in Springfield, Massachusetts, you won’t see any asbestos. “We don’t use asbestos on the job,” says Mike Burke, director of construction for the company.

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If you are a resident of West Springfield, you are not alone. This area suffers from a widespread population growth due to the natural beauty that is scattered throughout the community. Homes are built on the land, and the landscaping is beautiful. But asbestos is not one of the features of this tranquil neighborhood. “I didn’t see any asbestos when I moved out of my parents’ home years ago,” says resident Joanne O’Rourke.

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