The Duties Of A Home Security Team And Their Responsibilities

(DTI) – The term “Residential Security Team” (RSDT) is used as an interchangeable expression for a team of professionals that offer comprehensive surveillance services. These professional security services include protection against break-ins, monitoring, surveillance, apprehension, and residence security and are staffed by experienced security professionals and highly trained emergency personnel. The surveillance services they provide are very versatile and can be provided on a 24 hour basis. RST is a nationally recognized trademarked name that provides residential security and protection services to property owners, renters, businesses, government organizations, schools, hospitals and more. RST is the leading provider of this type of surveillance service in the nation.

What a Private Bodyguard Does?

(CST) – Another nationally recognized trademarked name is “Closed Protection Officers” (CPO). A CPO is a trained, unarmed representative of the residential security team who can be called upon to respond to a residential situation. The majority of CPOs have been certified by the National Professional Security School (NPSS). The primary responsibility of a CPO is to provide close protection officers (CPO’s) to residential clients when responding to calls regarding an active threat or burglary. A CPO is also authorized to enter into buildings to apprehend perpetrators of crimes and may also make other limited entrance requests.

(PSO) – A PSO is a specially trained, unarmed representative of the residential security team who can be called upon to respond to a call regarding a perceived threat or burglary. A PSO is not armed and is not equipped with any type of weapon. Although a PSO is not legally authorized to make arrests, he/she is legally permitted to protect residential clients by making contact with their supervising staff. PSOs are typically dispatched by a security guard firm. In some large metropolitan areas, there are several’s who work as part of a team. In addition, there are a small number of PSOs who have been professionally trained in the use of deadly force.